A new BTS program in Applied Artificial Intelligence has been launched by the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LAM) in Luxembourg. The training offer, available as of September 2024 complements 9 already existing BTS programs of the school. With this initiative, LAM responds to a crucial topic of interest in Luxembourg, in a time when AI’s development and uptake is looking more and more disruptive and imminent.

Aims and objectives of this course

The curriculum of this new 2 year course focuses on the implementation, operation, and interconnection of AI systems. The aim is to equip students with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape, and prepare them to become key players in the AI field.

The program foresees close collaboration with companies, industry representatives, and other stakeholders in the field of AI. Through this and similar synergies, the school hopes to create interesting, motivating, and cutting-edge projects for students. The program aims not only to offer valuable, hands-on experience for its participants, but also make a contribution towards shaping the AI-driven future.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn to understand and apply fundamental AI concepts, develop and manage AI projects, and collaborate effectively with other industry professionals. 

They will also get an opportunity to take part in real, innovative projects, develop practical skills, and get to know different strategies of addressing the main challenges the increased uptake of AI poses.

Further information and contact

LAM’s BTS in Applied AI is grounded in the ambition of providing the future generation with the best chances to thrive and navigate confidently through a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.

For those interested in finding out more about the program, further information is available on the official webpage for the program and via the dedicated LinkedIn page.



Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


Competence Area

Information and data literacy


  • Advanced technologies (AI, blockchain, IoT, big data etc.)

Website link

BTS Applied AI program

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Artificial Intelligence

Digital skill level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Luxembourg

Type of initiative

EU institutional initiative

Target audience

  • Digital skills in education.

Target language

  • English
  • French

Target group

  • Persons in tertiary education (EQF 6)
  • Persons who have completed secondary/compulsory education

Typology of training opportunities

Educational programme

Training duration

Multiple years

Credential offered

Diploma supplement