In 2016, the European Commission launched a strategic 5G action plan to support the deployment and take-up of 5G networks, which brouted about a consultation of national key stakeholders led by the Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy (SMC). 


The national outcome “Luxembourg’s 5G Strategy” defines the general framework for the deployment of the 5G network, with the aim of:

  • making 5G available in at least one city per Member State by 2020;
  • promoting the rollout of 5G between 2018 and 2025;
  • creating a “gigabit society” by 2025 by introducing 5G in major towns and cities, and along key transport routes.


Digital skills development

Introducing 5G will involve changes to the working and private life for all citizens. It will be important to continue explaining the opportunities that 5G brings to the whole population. Citizens, especially the younger generation, will only be able to benefit from the digital jobs of the future if they are able to develop suitable skills and behaviours for future means of communications.


Efforts made in the area of eSkills as part of the Digital Luxembourg initiative could be further developed and complemented by awareness projects focused on 5G technologies. The challenge involved in transferring digital skills is in determining the right basic skills that will allow people to adapt to technological and social developments during their educational and professional career.


Video what Strategy is all about.


The strategy supported set a framework for the allocation of spectrum and the overall facilitation of 5G deployment at the national level. The complete strategy and the related background documentation are available on the “Digital Luxembourg” platform.


Since the launch of the strategy, the SMC and the Government’s Digital Luxembourg initiative have been actively committed to promoting and promoting innovative 5G solutions and actions at multiple levels. The Call for Projects I and the Call for Projects II illustrating this commitment, as detailed 5G projects received financial support from the SMC.


More information on project calls.



Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform



Digital technology / specialisation

  • Internet of Things
  • 5G

Digital skill level

  • Advanced

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Luxembourg

Type of initiative

National initiative

Target audience

  • Digital skills for the labour force.
  • Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
  • Digital skills for all

Target language

  • English
  • French