Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland (or the Vodafone Foundation Germany) is a not-for-profit foundation, supported by the international Vodafone Foundation and Vodafone Germany. The organisation has offices in both Düsseldorf and Berlin. Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland brings together a variety of partners from different fields: politics, science and civil society to conduct research and work on programmes in the area of digital education. 

Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland has two major initiatives, which target students and teachers: Coding for Tomorrow, which has been running since 2017, and the Klickwinkel – Weite Deinen digitalen Blick initiative, active since 2018. Coding for Tomorrow focuses on the development of innovative educational opportunities and resources for primary and secondary schools, offering support to teachers when it comes to integrating digital technology within teaching and learning. Resources include: teaching units, project days, workshops and holiday camps, as well as various teacher training courses and learning materials. Klickwinkel aims to enhance the ability of younger people and students to manage disinformation online. 

In addition, the Vodafone Foundation is involved as a partner of a variety of events, which aim to promote skills needed for digitalisation and has launched several initiatives and partnerships with the objective of fighting disinformation. 

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Blockchain
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Germany

Target audience

  • Digital skills in education.
  • Digital skills for all