SAPEC aims to become a global benchmark for professional video compression products. SAPEC believes in a world where technological barriers to creating and delivering content quality no longer exist. SAPEC’s vision is to allow the transport of audiovisual content with professional quality in real time and without limitations.

The idea is that the video can be generated anywhere, but it has to reach all televisions, and has to go through different paths: Satellite, fibre optics, IP, radio links… Comments, subtitles, music are inserted into the television channel, edited and postproduced, but everything needs to be broadcast in order to reach our homes’ TV sets, mobile phones, tablets, etc. and SAPEC is there in order to be able to transport all this.

SAPEC makes these routes much smaller, giving us an advantage by reducing the cost of transporting this signal.

SAPEC brings clear added value to the customer by reducing what it would have to pay for sending the signal from one site to another. To look for this value, we look for the best algorithms, the best formulas for this signal to be returned without loss of quality.

SAPEC has developed its own technology, implemented with advantages and products that we sell to the customer.

Our target market is the main operators of Telecommunication, TV channels (broadcaster) and video transmission service providers. Our customers include Telefónica, RTVE, EBU, Televisa, etc.

Since mid-2006, SAPEC started to expand international trade, concluding distribution agreements with local companies in each country. We currently have offices in Mexico and Colombia; There are more than 20 distributors worldwide, mainly in Sudamerica.

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  • Telecommunications

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  • Spain
  • Denmark

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  • Digital skills for all