Reaktor Education is an online education company from Finland, which aims to empower citizens to understand technology and its impact and participate in a rapidly evolving society in a global context. Reaktor’s mission is to break existing barriers in front of technological education, and support the lifelong learning and reskilling of the Finnish workforce and society (also on a European level). 

The company offers short, flexible and self-paced courses on key issues affecting modern society – Artificial Intelligence (AI), its implications in healthcare, manufacturing, and business, sustainable farming and others. Partnering with international organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs), education providers and other stakeholders, Reaktor Education develops mobile-friendly learning content on an open an easy-to-access learning platform. Reaktor Education is behind Elements of AI, an introductory course on AI launched in 2018 in the context of the Finnish Presidency of the European Council in 2019. Since its launch, the course is now available in all European languages and brings together more than 500,000 students worldwide. 

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Reaktor Education

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Finland

Target audience

  • Digital skills for the labour force.
  • Digital skills in education.
  • Digital skills for all