The objective of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to increase the competitiveness of Estonian companies and thus the prosperity of people.

  • The Ministry develops national development plans in the spheres within its area of government and will ensure their co-ordination with various transnational development plans, organises the funding, implementation and performance evaluation of such plans.
  • The Ministry will participate, with other ministries, in the elaboration of development plans that focus on national economic development issues.
  • Draft legal acts will be devised to organise the spheres within the Ministry’s area of government, including the fulfilment of functions, assigned by these documents.
  • Co-operation with the European Union and international organisation is organised within the Ministry’s area of government.

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Digital technology / specialisation

  • Digital skills

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  • Estonia

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  • Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
  • Digital skills for all