Maker Faire is the biggest showcase of innovation and creativity in the world and was created in 2006 in the Bay Area of San Francisco as a project of the Make: magazine, now Make: community. Since then, it has grown into a large worldwide network of events that have turned into true platforms for innovation.

It promotes a culture of sharing and learning for people of all ages  whocome together to show what they are doing, where they share what they are learning, and where they validate their prototypes. Every year it organises a number of events for all ages on a number of different emerging technologies, the Maker Faire in Rome, Italy is the second largest event in the world, and includes a European edition. 


The Maker Faire Rome – European Edition is promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce  and it is organized by its internal unit Innova Camera.



Digital technology / specialisation

  • Digital skills

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Italy

Target audience

  • Digital skills for all