The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is an Irish state agency that provides a range of professional services to local authorities. As an organisation it works with Ireland’s 31 local authorities to coordinate and deliver cost-efficient local government services and policy. Alongside this, the LGMA accompanies local authorities to implement change and enhance performance.

The LGMA has the following objectives to its achieve its mission:

  • Deliver high quality services to local government, demonstrating value for money and continuously adapting to the changing needs of the sector
  • Actively support the development and implementation of government policy, utilising leading practice from inside and outside the sector using data as a key enabler
  • Support the development of strategic leadership within local authorities to support the formation and implementation of strategic plans
  • Be the recognised national representative and voice for the local government sector
  • Create an open and engaging work environment, seen as a prime organisation for developing the skills and experience to support career progression
  • Act as a centre of excellence in the areas within the advisory remit of the LGMA
  • Support and strengthen good governance


Source :  European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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LGMA website

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  • Digital skills

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  • Ireland

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  • Digital skills for the labour force.