The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT-BAS) in Bulgaria conducts fundamental and applied research in computer science, information and communication technologies (ICT). The scientific topics of the institute are harmonised with European research programs Horizon 2020 and 7th Framework Programme, and research programs of NATO. The institute’s research is focused on cutting-edge fields of ICT such as advanced computing, intelligent interfaces, intelligent control and optimisation, and analysis of large datasets. The developed methods, algorithms, models and systems are applied to solve a range of high dimensional problems in key areas such as physics, environmental protection, finance, forecasting, decision making, strategic planning, transport systems, robotics and others.

IICT-BAS is an organisation with experience of building partnerships with other organisations to implement international research projects: with 26 projects completed within the Framework Programme. The Institute participates in several projects at national level too, with the support of  government agencies and the National Science Fund of Bulgaria.

The support unit of Bulgarian Research and Education Network is situated in IICT-BAS, which is part of the optical ring GÉANT 3 connecting European research and academic networks. The Institute maintains a National Grid Infrastructure, which includes 8 BAS institutes and 5 universities. The Institute is a high-performance cluster with more than 500 logical CPUs and more than 120 TB disk space. A laboratory, equipped with industrial computer tomography, 3D scanner and printer, infrared camera, fast camera, laser measurement of particles, etc. is built in IICT-BAS, unique to south-eastern Europe. 

SMARTLAB, GRID, the Cluster and the Supercomputer are included in the National Road Map for Scientifical Infrastructure In Embedded Intelligent Technology department of IICT- BAS, research and development of innovative intelligent ICT for control of service robots and embedded systems is conducted. The methods of tele-control of cyber-physical systems, by voice, gestures and user interface are being studied. Devices and computer interfaces for people with disabilities, medical robots, 3D models and the restoration of cultural heritage sites are also being created.

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IICT - BAS Bulgaria

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Robotics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • Software
  • Microelectronics

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Bulgaria

Target audience

  • Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
  • Digital skills in education.