FENITEL (Federación Nacional de Instaladores y Integradores de Telecomunicaciones, formed as the National Federation of Telecommunications Installations Associations) is the most representative institutional partner in the sector of installation, integration and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and systems with the General State Administration, operators, broadcasters, manufacturers, sectoral organisations and other players in the telecommunications and audiovisual market, and in general the ICT market and related sectors.

FENITEL brings together, through the territorial associations which form part of the federation or directly, in Spain as a whole, the most relevant undertakings in the telecommunications installation and integration sector with a highly capilarised territorial distribution and a full range of activities. The territorial associations which are members of the Federation, in turn, represent the administrations and agents in their geographical area.

The member companies of FENITEL, as a whole, respond to all kinds of facilities and integration or maintenance of telecommunications services and related activities. And both residential market activities, corporate, industrial, service, hospitality, network infrastructure, etc.

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Digital technology / specialisation

  • Telecommunications

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Spain

Target audience

  • Digital skills for the labour force.
  • Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.