The deployment of 5G technology in Europe comes with a lot of expectations, questions, but also important concerns. This initiative of the European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) brings together a vast catalog of information on the subject, addressing the topic in a new interdisciplinary and interactive way. The huge content in the map – equivalent to a publication of over 80 pages – is presented in a visual, interactive and non-linear way that permits the users to discover any kind of information on the subject in multiple ways.

The map is an innovative, interactive and playful way to explore such a complex topic as 5G, and it aims to look at this emerging technologies by taking it from different angles: from the technology itself and the politics surrounding, to business, health concerns, cybersecurity and impacts on society. The idea here is to present all these aspects and the interlinkages among them as objectively as possible in a wider context.

The user, at first glance, will see an overview of the map in all its parts – such as the technology itself, the impact on society, the regulation, economic issues and health concerns. From here readers can zoom in to click on in-depth information on a chosen topic, finding precise details in 81 different explanatory ‘bubbles’, which highlight scientific findings and full transparency. The ESMH team worked with many knowledgeable experts, including within European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), to ensure the information is trustworthy.

The map was produced in cooperation with Kontextlab, who developed software combining the visual structures of mind and concept maps with multiple layers and a content management system, to build and publish digital knowledge maps.

Digital technology / specialisation

  • 5G

Digital skill level

  • Basic
  • Intermediate

Geographic Scope - Country

  • European Union

Type of initiative

EU institutional initiative

Target audience

  • Digital skills for all