EdUtajner is already designed for students. It is an ‘EU container’ that hides educational games. This allows young Europeans to test their knowledge of the European Union in a fun and interactive way.


Since 3 April 2023, the first EdUtajner has been set up for students at the United School at Panúchová, Bratislava. As the title of the project itself suggests, it is a ‘EU container’ that covers educational games. Through roadshow across Slovakia, it will not only seize children and young people, but also learn in an interactive way what our membership of the European Union (EU) entails and how the Union is present in their daily lives.

The European Commission (EC) Representation in Slovakia is launching a new EdUtajner concept in early April: Europe’sgame, when games are literally brought to primary and secondary schools. EdUtajner – a white blue container with the symbols of the European Year of Skills 2023, is gradually parked in front of several schools across Slovakia. It will be a fun lesson. During it, young Europeans can test their knowledge of the European Union.

EdUtajner cut

As Director and pedagogy, I am very pleased that our school is the place where the EdUtajner project is launched. In today’s rapid, variable time, we are trying to give our pupils and students not only formal education, but also broaden their horizons and steer them so that they are satisfied and successful. I believe that EdUtajner will bring the European Union closer to them and the challenges we face and encourage active citizenship in a playful way. Our school has active citizenship in its name, as it bears the name of the editor, publisher, signatory of the Cleveland Pittsburgh Agreement and founder of the Slovak League in America,” said Zuzana Butler, Director, Panúchova Joint School 6 in Bratislava.

The activities in EdUtajners were prepared by professionals in cooperation with the project partners: It Fitness Test, supported by the IT Association of Slovakia and the Digital Coalition and Gamifactory, manufactured by Impact Games. “I am very pleased that the EdUtajner campaign will also include a demoversion of the largest digital skills test in Slovakia. Students will be given the opportunity to prepare for the 12nd edition of the IT Fitness Test, which we will start on 13 April with a number of news. In addition to Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Czech and English, one will be testing in Ukrainian. I see digital skills and IT education as an absolute prerequisite for success in the professional life of every young person,”said Mário Lelovský, President of the Digital Coalition and First Vice-President of the IT Association of Slovakia.

European passport

Who is going will not want to go

EdUtajner offers games and activities that will bring pupils closer to Europe in an interactive and fun way. Players, not only pupils and students, but certainly also teachers, will be in EdUtajner on international – European soil. Task solutions and points will be entered in the so-called European passport, which will gradually reveal a secret hidden in a cross. The game itself will test young people’s knowledge of the anthems of EU countries, in the Mozaika call, they will look for hidden typical icons belonging to EU Member States, but also discover countries on a blank map or attribute flags to individual countries. Interesting tasks, and especially their combinations, are so great that EdUtajner can also attend peacefully every day for pupils and students in the school where they are now. Fake news is a particularly interesting activity, i.e. the recognition of disinformation in one of four articles. It is also relevant to address the verbal role of the Green Wave on waste that does not belong to nature. In this way, players learn, for example, that even the banana skin does not break down immediately, but it takes 5 months before the chewing gum disappears from nature in up to 50 years.

Young Europeans

A European passport will be given to everyone who arrives in the EdUtajner, but only the knowledge and skill of the player will be rewarded by the title of Young Europeans. Playing and contesting is entirely voluntary in order to attract interest and positive behaviour among young people. “Young people, their values and enthusiasm are very important for the future of Europe, but also for improving the functioning of the European institutions,” he said when launching the project Vladimir Šucha, Head of the EC Representation in Slovakia. According to him, young people’s idea of Europeans is what they do most – play, interaction, challenges. “EdUtajner is a unique project showing young people that, alongside love to their homeland, they can also be proud Europeans. I believe that, thanks to this activity, they will realise that they are not foreigners in Europe, they are at home in the EU. That is why I am enthusiastic about the idea of EdUtajner, who will come to several schools across Slovakia,” she concludes.


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