Bratislava/Komárno, 27. 5. 2024 – The Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation of the Slovak Republic has officially launched the first integrated call, which combines several measures to modernise smart self-governments and increase safety on the streets of our towns and villages, thereby increasing the quality of life of citizens and the resilience of self-governments.

An amount exceeding 20 million euros, of which almost 4 million euros are intended for the safe physical environment of municipalities, cities and regions, and more than 16.25 million euros are intended to support the construction of smart cities and regions, is officially announced.

Municipalities, municipalities, self-governing regions as well as business associations of legal entities can apply for these funds. The call was set up with the active assistance of the Interior Ministry, the National Police and the municipal police. At the same time, its proposal was available for 10-day comments to the municipalities. The vast majority of comments from the public consultation were accepted by the ministry.

This is an integrated challenge, launched under the Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) mechanism, combining and linking 3 actions from two different policy objectives. It is focused on the use of digital solutions and information technologies in the environment of self-government. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to involve smaller municipalities, which can mix several solutions in the project. In particular, it is possible to use the potential of data in land management – in combination with measures aimed at the security of the physical environment of municipalities, cities and regions, such as video surveillance systems. This supports the ability to prevent problematic phenomena, tensions, public order, health and property protection in municipalities and in all regions.

The challenge will help with cameras, acquisition and use of acquired data. It can contribute to setting up a parking policy, but also in the field of improving the environment or preventing accidents and disasters. Among the non-compulsory activities, for example, the installation of lighting points for public lighting is possible, while among the measures eligible expenditure is also construction works following the construction of video-surveillance systems.

“Until2020, €11 million had been earmarked for safe self-government in three years, from 2020 to 2023, i.e. under the former government, not a single euro had gone into this area, and we have now launched a call for more than €20 million. 84% of mayors in Slovakia say that investments in security, video surveillance systems and everything related to them have proven their worth. In more than half of the zones that cities and municipalities have identified as problematic, there are no CCTV systems, so enhancing security by expanding them is still possible in other key locations. Almost 70% of mayors see scope for inter-municipal cooperation to ensure public order. Such common communal counters of protection are effective for both operation and administration. The direction here in Komárno is also because the challenge to the security of municipalities is not an initiative that has arisen in our ministry, but thanks to mayors, including the mayor of Komárno, Béla Keszegh,” said investment minister Raši.

Local authorities from each region can participate in the call as part of their integrated territorial investments. The minimum amount of the non-repayable financial contribution is EUR 185 000 and the maximum is limited to the total amount of the non-repayable financial contribution at the level of the allocated allocation for the self-governing region or urban development territory.

“Today, the concept of secure self-government starts with the first €20 million being able to enhance the sense of security and protection of assets. It’s about being able to use cameras in cities. It’s about making it possible for municipalities to work with data, what kind of cars from what regions go to them. It is about the fact that municipalities know where and how to set up a parking policy and what is no less important, this money can also be used in the prevention of natural disasters. We are in a region that is borderless and the border is not a periphery for us. It is the epicentre of interest, it is the gateway to Slovakia. Secure self-government is also about stable tourism, as well as opportunities,” added State Secretary Michal Kaliňák.

“We are very pleased that the Ministry has people who know the regions of Slovakia. There are really different problems, but by coming from the ministry and not just waiting for us in Bratislava, they know them, those specific things that need to be solved. I am very happy that these people have experience, both Minister Raši, who himself was the mayor, and the State Secretary, Mr Kaliňák,” appreciated the Komárno mayor Béla Keszegh.

As with any other challenge, the Investment Department will organise a training session on 6 June so that we can help municipalities as much as possible in the use of EU funds for useful investments aimed at improving people’s quality of life.


Source:  European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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