A new initiative was announced by the Secretariat-General for Digital Governance and Process Simplification as part of the National Alliance for Digital Skills and Jobs.

This is the first translation of the European Digital Competence Framework DigComp into Greek. The European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) provides a common language and understanding to identify and describe key areas of digital competence, helping to shape the necessary policies, both in the field of education and training and in the labour market.

This DigComp 2.2 edition.  it includes the translation and translation into Greek of the updated Reference Framework which provides more than 250 new examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes that help citizens make confident, critical and secure use of digital technologies and in this new edition. Its new DigComp 2.2. includes new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence systems.

The translation of the European framework is a contribution to the common understanding and maturity of a national digital competence reference framework by all stakeholders in Greece in line with the Digital Transformation Paper (DTT), which is the country’s national digital transformation strategy.

At the same time, it offers a further opportunity to deepen personal data protection and privacy issues in electronic communications and transactions, and should strengthen the narrowing of the digital divide at national and European level in order to achieve EU objectives set for all MS. by the Digital Decade.

Finally, it is expected to promote the adoption of the model by organisations, education actors and policy makers to create digital training programmes and self-assessment tools for all citizens, in order to shape it in line with the needs of the digital state and economy. You can download the Greek version of DigComp 2.2. to this link: https://www.nationalcoalition.gov.gr/ds-resource/diathesimi-i-elliniki-ekdosi-toy-eyrop/


Source : European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

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