The Digital Coalition and the Future Paths project jointly presented the world of digitalisation to pupils.

(Presov, 24 April 2024)

The Digital Coalition, in cooperation with the companies Datart in Prešov and ncodic in Košice, supported the project Paths of Futures at the Elementary School in the village of Bajerov, which is focused on the professional orientation of children.

In today’s digital age, when the IT sector is growing dynamically, it is important to invest in digital skills among young people. Digital skills are the key skills of the future that enable development and success in a modern working environment.

That is why in the Digital Coalition we decided to support the project “Paths of Futures” and to extend it with a special module aimed at demonstrating the world of technology. This project under the auspices of the Socratic Institute, organised by Klaudia Trochanová and a team of cooperating organisations, is an important initiative to develop self-knowledge and modern skills in second-level pupils.

The program started in Datarte in Prešov, when they knew the principles of working with the managed warehouse, including the reception of goods to positions, the functioning of the managed warehouse and the ordering of goods into stocks. They gained an understanding of pricing processes, including shop revaluation and pricing policy. They learned in detail about the functioning of the sales background, depreciation of stocks, ordering transport and interconnection of systems.

“First of all, I am glad that as a company we have been given the opportunity to welcome school pupils to our working ground and to show them the individual processes of our normal day and routine. Thanks to this, we were able to remind ourselves, as employees, of what is behind our work and how it makes it easier for us to work properly set up by the IT support system every day. The pupils had the opportunity to listen, but also to try out the basic tasks when working in the warehouse, but also in the store, and we could involve them in the behind-the-scenes IT processes behind our successful work within a limited time. I hope that this form of education can attract young people’s attention to the mysterious world of IT, ” Tomáš Talavašek, Head of Datart OC Novum, Prešov.

Subsequently, the pupils moved to the science park in Košice, where under this program the company ncodic, an innovative Slovak IT company specialising in the development of complex software solutions and effective adaptation of artificial intelligence, will prepare an interesting workshop for children. Children had a unique opportunity to try virtual reality (VR) with Meta Quest 3, which was a completely new and fascinating experience for many children. In addition, children had the opportunity to learn how to program with Micro:bit devices and get to know 3D printing and 3D modeling.

“It is today a rapidly growing and important sector. One of the very good opportunities is if children can try modern technologies. Such experience can inspire some of them to further interest in this area. That’s why we were happy to support the initiative that allowed primary school pupils to have direct contact with modern technologies with a subsequent discussion on how they can become a direct part of the development of their digital future in their next studies.” Miroslav Murin, co-founder of ncodic.


Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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