Pact for Skills is one of the main initiatives of the European Skills Agenda. It aims to bring public and private organisations together and encourage them to make concrete commitments to upskilling and reskilling adults.

Members of the Pact have access to knowledge on upskilling and reskilling needs, advice on relevant funding instruments to boost the skills of adults in their regions and countries, and partnership opportunities within our growing community.

As part of the Skills Agenda, under the Pact for Skills so far, more than 700 organisations have signed up and 12 large-scale partnerships in strategic sectors have been set up with pledges to help upskill up to 6 million people.

The European Commission recently launched a new revamped website of the initiative, where you can find all the latest news on the actions, the community resources, subscribe to the newsletter, join the pact and many more.

2023: Pact for Skills at the heart of the European Year of Skills

The Commission recently adopted a proposal to make 2023 the European Year of Skills. One of the main objectives of the Commission is to foster a more effective investment in training and upskilling so as to maximise the potential of the European workforce and assist people in transitioning from one job to another. The Pact for Skills will play a key role in this goal.

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