Thanks to funding from the  Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – Telecommunications sector, the University of Cyprus will be offering, starting from September 2022, a Master in Artificial Intelligence of the duration of 18 months. Offered by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus, the program will be in English and was recently certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

The Master is one of 4 that have been created within the MAI4CAREU project (Master Programmes in Artificial Intelligence 4 Careers in Europe), funded by the CEF: the programme’s collaboration network includes the University of Cyprus, the University of Bologna, the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev in Bulgaria, plus the CYENS Centre of Excellence in Cyprus and four high-tech SMEs (Nodes & Links Labs, 3AeHealth LTD, INJENIA SRL and MLPS AD).

The aim of the MSc Artificial Intelligence is to be a modern programme, with a strong interdisciplinary element and a strong focus on artificial intelligence and ethics, as well as on artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. Providing career counselling to students will be a high priority, with the aim of helping all graduates to successfully pursue an AI-related career and possibly set up their own start-ups in the near future. To facilitate this, a strong connection with the industry was activated, with a number of concrete activities for the 20 future Master students: internships, AI Camp, entrepreneurial activities, AI webinars from industry, the possibility to do a joint Master thesis with industry partners.

Registrations are open until 31 May 2022 and the Master will start in September. It is possible to apply also at the University of Bologna, and at the Technical University of Dresden, and the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev in Bulgaria, as all Universities are part of the MAI4CAREU project. More information on all the 4 Masters is available in the MAI4CAREU project website.



Source : European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Artificial Intelligence

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  • Intermediate
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  • Digital Expert

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  • European Union
  • Cyprus

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