On October 11 2022, at the end of Europe’s largest innovation event the European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s (EIT) INNOVEIT WEEKS event series, EIT launched the Deep Tech Talent Initiative. Over the next three years, this programme aims to train one million people within European deep tech fields. As part of this initiative, deep tech stakeholders are invited to join the Pledge and invest in the talent pool for Europe’s future.

Deep Tech innovations bring together cutting-edge technology solutions and the fields of science and engineering in the physical, biological and digital spheres. These innovations are indispensable in the creation of solutions to pressing global challenges. However, Europe is facing a talent and labour shortage hindering its ability to leverage new technologies to enable its twin transitions – the green and digital transitions.

In line with the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, the Deep Tech Talent Initiative aims to address this gap and develop a deep tech talent pool across all Member States. As the EIT has a network of over 3400 partners and over 70 hubs, it is ideally positioned to mobilise these actors and develop state-of-the-art deep tech education programmes. Additionally, this new programme will be open to all European talents from all education levels ranging from secondary school students to professionals and entrepreneurs as well as education and training providers. Particular attention will be given to ensuring a strong participation of girls and women as well as countries with lower innovation capacity.

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative strives to not only develop a skilled labour force but also retain high-growth companies active in the deep tech fields and encourage them to expand their European operations. It will build on the EIT’s existing entrepreneurship education activities, including those already targeting tech skills, such as the EIT Label degrees, the European Battery Alliance Academy and the EIT Higher Education Initiative.

Pledge to join the Deep Tech Talent Initiative

EIT is encouraging partners to make a Pledge and support the development of deep tech talent across Europe. By making a Pledge, the EIT will connect public and private organisations, industry representatives, education providers and investors to help achieve the initiative’s goals. The Pledge system enables potential partners and sponsors to support the initiative and identify the best existing deep tech courses and training.

Organisations wanting to join the development of the skills programme will be able to indicate the category of support they would like to pledge to which can include training provisions, programme content development, financial support, and dissemination. Organisations interested in making a Pledge can find more information of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative website and Pledge form.


Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

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