As part of the 3rd Meeting of the Alliance for Gender Equality, INCoDe.2030 launches today, December 14th, two new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on Gender Equality in ICT. The training will be available from today on the NAU platform.

“Digitalization and Gender Equality: How to Promote the Participation of Girls and Women in ICT” is the name of the first course, at a basic level and with an estimated duration of 10 hours. The content includes topics such as the concept of gender equality, the identification of stereotypes and their relationship with gender roles. The training also aims to explain and deconstruct the factors that lead to many girls not choosing careers in the ICT sector, as well as addressing the benefits of including women in teams in this sector and presenting initiatives that promote equal opportunities.

The second MOOC, “Gender Inclusive Approaches in Technology”, aims to explain the low level of gender inclusion in technology development processes, present the advantages of female participation in technology development, compare gender inclusive approaches throughout of time and address processes, principles and benefits of inclusive design and marketing. This course is at an intermediate level and has an estimated duration of 15 hours.

Both trainings join the collection of nine courses on digital skills, promoted by INCoDe.2030 and published on the NAU platform throughout 2023. These are trainings that integrate different objectives and levels and are available to all interested parties, with the objective to develop digital skills in society, training the Portuguese population for a future that is increasingly closer.

Through MOOCs it is possible to communicate on a large scale, providing citizens with the most relevant learning, which responds to their needs and, increasingly, to the needs of the companies where they work. For this reason, NAU has been, from the beginning, an integral part of the transversal actions of INCoDe.2030, by promoting digital development, digital inclusion and literacy, education and qualification of the active population.

Registration is now open, and the courses will be available for free from December 14th.

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Source :  European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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