At the start of Wednesday 17 April a new edition of the Live Labs of Io Riparto, meetings hosted on the dedicated event platform, in which the participants, in the 300 seconds available, show points of view and ideas for reflection on topics that gravitate around the world of digital transformation. In this edition the Digital Republic team will take care of the Officine, in-depth sessions that follow the Live Lab. The first event will be dedicated to the topic of digital skills. The Live Lab 2024 includes a series of four meetings, led by Data Journalist Luca Tremolada and Tech & Innovation blogger Barbara Gasperini, who will lead the discussion on these topics: • 17 April – Cities • 17 May – Enterprises • 14 June – Energy • 12 July – Training With the Workshop of Digital Republic begins on 17 April with a round table entitled “Digital skills and innovation: the experience of Digital Republic. At the virtual table, in addition to the Digital Republic team, some of the members of the Technical Guidance Committee will sit: the Ministry of Education and Merit, the Ministry of University and Research and the Department of Public Function of the Presidency of the Council. After a brief update on the Digital Republic initiative, the Officina will be an opportunity to present the projects currently under construction by the administrations present at the table. The agenda of the day includes: • 10:00-11:30 Live Lab • 11:30-12:30 Workshop by the Digital Republic team To participate you must register here. The Io Riparto initiative is an OIKO production and aims to spread digital culture in every sector of the country’s life, involving in this project important exponents of the economic, social and entrepreneurial world.



Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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