The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) proposed as its Action 9 to develop a European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC) that may be recognised and accepted by national governments and other stakeholders across Europe. The EDSC will be based on the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) and it will simplify how digital skills are certified and recognised by governments, employers and any other stakeholders in the European Union.

The EDSC will allow people to indicate their level of digital competence corresponding to the DigComp proficiency levels – that is Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Highly Specialised levels – and will encourage individuals to acquire new digital skills covering all these levels. To find out more about these proficiency levels, you can read the DigComp 2.1 Report, which provides examples of use applied to the learning and employment field.

The objectives of the Study

The European Commission has now decided to re-launch, under an Open Call procedure, the Call for Tenders of the European Digital Skills Certificate Feasibility Study in support of the Action 9. The main objectives of the study are:

  • mapping and analysis of the Digital competence development and skills certification landscape in the EU;
  • identification of stakeholders for consultation;
  • gap analysis (what is the demand for an EDSC and what is lacking) to understand the role and value of an EU Digital Skills Certificate and how it could support recognition of digital skills in Europe;
  • technical feasibility;
  • costs and benefits analysis for different stakeholders;
  • limitations, risks and challenges;
  • propose the definition of the purpose, scope and steps of a pilot of the EDSC.

If you want to find further information on the study, visit the Prior Information Notice (PIN) of the Open Call. The PIN is an invitation to interested organisations to express their interest in receiving the Call for Tenders, when launched. Organisations that are willing to express their interest, can do so in the eTendering SystemThose organisations registering in eTendering will receive the Call for Tender as soon as launched in their contact email.

For any questions you may have you can use the eTendering website’s Questions & Answers tab. Questions there will be replied by the relevant Procurement department.


Source : European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Digital skills

Digital skill level

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Digital Expert

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  • European Union

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EU institutional initiative