The Digital Education Accelerator, the European Digital Education Hub’s intense training and testing program has chosen six teams to participate.

Team training and solution testing are two phases of the intense training and testing program known as the Digital Education Accelerator.

Following a call for proposals, launched over the summer, applicants were encouraged to submit their creative digital education solutions centred around three themes:

  • underserved and vulnerable groups
  • engagement in (digital) education
  • 21st-century skills

Weekly coaching sessions are part of the first level, which includes an online program. It strives to promote innovation, increase creativity, and support the success of cutting-edge educational initiatives. Program coaches assist participants, and worldwide pedagogy and business professionals guide them.

The second stage involves testing and validating prototypes in an environment that is specific to each team’s needs. Teams can decide whether to test in a real-world environment or an innovation lab. In both situations, actual testers will interact directly with the prototypes through practical activities.

Key components of coaching at both stages include team, peer, and entrepreneurial learning as well as “Craftorship,” or the readiness to experiment with new ideas to put them into practice and achieve high levels of competence.

Discover the teams:

  • Datorium, Latvia: encourages and prepares young people to realize their ideas in a global digital environment while also simply assisting them in learning programming.
  • d.teach, Belgium: is a non-profit, global online school dedicated to reintegration and internationalization. The institution specializes in individualized online education.
  • Edumus, Estonia: is a remote learning school that offers high school students the opportunity to study a wide range of specialized areas such as Coding, Architecture as a living environment and Financial literacy
  • Futuclass, Estonia: offers science lectures that are fun and compatible with the curriculum in virtual reality for secondary school pupils.
  • Levebee, Czech Republic: With hundreds of distinct exercises and “learning bits,” which break down mathematical topics into hundreds of individual multimodal exercises, the Levebee app helps pre-schoolers fill in their arithmetic knowledge gaps.
  • Praktikal, Estonia: a STEM education ecosystem that equips educators to motivate upcoming engineers and scientists, promoting the transition to a society that values science more.

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