The Danish Government’s National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-2024 was adopted by the Danish Ministry of Finance in December 2021. Strategy aims to help enhance technological resilience; secure the protection of critical government ICT systems; and improve the knowledge and skills of residents, businesses, and authorities.

In the strategy, the Danish Government has defined four strategic objectives which set the framework for the development of a stronger and more secure digital Denmark.

  • Robust protection of vital societal functions
  • Improving and prioritising levels of skills and management
  • Strengthening the cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • Active participation in the international fight against cyber threats

In government authorities and businesses, cyber security requires top management commitment to make security a more integral part of the management function, and ensuring this requires the right skills. Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises lack the skills and resources to implement appropriate security measures. There is a cross-cutting challenge in recruiting and retaining employees with relevant cyber and information security skills. Thus, it is necessary to increase the supply of professional skills if security is to be raised across the board. Additionally, there is also a need for initiatives to promote better skills within the Danish population generally.

Among other things, the strategy sets out a number of new security requirements for ministerial areas responsible for societal functions or critical IT systems. The strategy also launches a number of actions focusing on increasing the level of competence and the anchoring of cyber and information security management. The strategy also promotes knowledge building among citizens, for example by strengthening the information portal

At the same time, international cooperation in the EU, the UN, NATO and with like-minded countries needs to be strengthened to make cyber-attacks against Denmark more cumbersome.

Find out more about strategic objectives on the Danish Digitalisation Agency’s website.



Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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