Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) is an initiative, which brings together a network of leading organisations in the field of education, youth and training with the goal of improving the landscape of learning in Europe and facilitating lifelong learning approaches for all. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the Lifelong Learning Platform’s network includes 42 members that cover all sectors (from formal and non-formal learning to vocational education and training), and represents over 50,000 institutions and associations in the field.

At the core of the network’s vision lies the idea that education should not pursue just economic growth and employment, but also personal development. As such, the platform aims to represent citizens’ concerns on lifelong learning and provide input to the policy area through publications, research studies and papers. The LLLP also contributes to the development of future and 21st century skills through the implementation of European-funded projects in the field of education, training and youth.

The Lifelong Learning Platform offers a wide variety of resources, including publications, useful links and policy documents on the topics of inclusive education, skills and qualifications, digital and media literacy, funding and validation in education, and EU cooperation in the area.

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Digital skills

Digital skill level

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Geographic Scope - Country

  • European Union

Type of initiative

International initiative

Target audience

  • Digital skills for the labour force.
  • Digital skills in education.
  • Digital skills for all