The European AI Alliance was set up in June 2018 within the context of the European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The initial scope of the forum was the provision of feedback to the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG), appointed by the European Commission to advise on European AI strategy. Comprising of more than 4000 members, the European AI Alliance has grown to become an integral actor in the European AI scene, contributing and informing European debate and policymaking in this area. Today, the European AI Alliance brings together a wide range of actors in the field, including businesses, consumer organisations, trade unions, and civil society bodies.

The European AI Alliance is hosted on the European Commission’s Futurium platform, which provides an opportunity for members of the Alliance to discuss the latest AI-related developments and approaches with each other, and get involved in European policymaking in this area. Through the platform, members of the European AI Alliance can also engage with the AI HLEG through a dedicated forum. Members also provide feedback on important documents, produced by the AI HLEG, as well as insight on specific questions. The European AI Alliance also collates a wide variety of events, funding opportunities, and research and foresight publications in the area of AI.

Members of the European AI Alliance have the possibility to network further with experts, stakeholders, and national and international actors in the technology sphere through an annual assembly. The first European AI Alliance Assembly took place in 2019, providing a platform for the AI HLEG and an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss future developments related to AI through a European perspective.

Through this multi-stakeholder approach, the European AI Alliance contributes to informing the European approach towards excellence and trust in Artificial Intelligence.

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