SOS Self-Assessment Tool’ is an algorithm created by SOS Creativity which will calculate the level of IT risks awareness of target group users in the field of online cultural resources available. The IT index will be an instrument that allows adults to assess their awareness in the domain of IT risks related to cultural offers.

The tool is not a statistical index, but an operational tool to support the development of targeted-training solutions for adults. Accessibility and user-friendliness will be key concepts in the development of this OER-Platform, text-to-speech functionalities will be implemented in order to boost accessibility of contents also to illiterate or blind target groups. The tool is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, French and Macedonian.

SOS Self-Assessment Tool

The tool consists of a questionnaire in the form of a test and it takes under 40 minutes to complete. You can evaluate your competences by answering a few questions in some or all of the following topics:

  • Cultural and Media Literacy
  • Personal data protection
  • Economic Transactions
  • Online security
  • Digital Identity and online reputation


Source :  European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


Digital technology / specialisation

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital skills

Digital skill level

  • Basic
  • Intermediate

Geographic Scope - Country

  • European Union

Type of initiative

EU institutional initiative

Target audience

  • Digital skills for all

Target language

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Spanish



Main document - File for download

Supporting documents

Target group

  • High Achievers
  • Low Achievers

Skills resource type

Self-Assessment Tool