Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OEAD), with the Office for Digital Skills, is a key player in the implementation of the Digital Skills Offensive for Austria. The OEAD Digital Skills Office’s Quality Guide for Digital Skills Education aims to provide all Austrians with basic digital skills through quality workshops and learning opportunities.  

The Digital Skills for All initiative 

The Digital Skills for All initiative is an action offering many low-threshold trainings for basic digital skills. It focuses on the digital education of seniors, the use of e-government and the safe use of digital media for parents and young people.

The workshops are offered in municipalities and cities in adult education institutions, but also in rather atypical learning venues such as youth centres or municipal offices. The aim is to reach as many people as possible, and above all those who live in learning and who are not digitally skilled.

What the guide offers

The Quality Guide provides guidance on how to design these learning opportunities. Specifically, it contains seven quality areas and more than 40 quality criteria, thus providing inspiration for educational institutions and programme managers, coaches, funding providers and the professional community. The criteria cover the design of education and access, format and infrastructure, framework conditions, didactic design, quality assurance and sustainability of education. The Quality Guide aims at reaching out to as many people with low digital skills as possible and encouraging them to learn in an equally successful and appealing way.

Quality matters

Workshops on basic digital skills will not only take place in large numbers, but also in high quality. The Quality Guide will be used for this purpose. Produced on behalf of the OEAD by CONEDU Association for Education Research and Media, it provides a brief and clear basis for teaching, practical relevance and sustainability for targeted learning opportunities.

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