Culture Chatbot is an innovative platform designed by Europeana to revolutionize the engagement between cultural heritage institutions and their audiences. Leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Culture Chatbot offers virtual assistants tailored specifically for cultural institutions, providing them with a powerful tool to interact with their visitors online.

With Culture Chatbot, cultural heritage institutions can unlock new possibilities for audience engagement, enhance user experiences, and bridge communication gaps across diverse linguistic communities.

About Culture Chatbot

Culture Chatbot is an AI-powered software platform developed under the Europeana Generic Services project. It enables cultural heritage institutions to create chatbots, virtual assistants capable of engaging in digital conversations with users across various online platforms. Whether it’s on a website, social media platform, or messaging tool, Culture Chatbot facilitates seamless interaction between institutions and their audience.

Culture Chatbot is funded under the CEF Telecom programme of the European Union. It aims to explore the potential of conversational interfaces in engaging users with cultural heritage content provided by Europeana and its network of institutions and aggregators. The platform’s versatility allows for the development of multilingual chatbots tailored to various use-cases and platforms, ranging from websites to social media and messaging tools.

Benefits of using Culture Chatbot

  • Enhanced audience engagement: provide your audience with a modern and interactive experience, allowing them to engage with your institution’s content in a conversational manner.
  • 24/7 support: Culture Chatbot offers round-the-clock assistance to online visitors, ensuring they receive prompt responses to their inquiries and guidance whenever needed.
  • Improved user experience: with AI-driven technologies, Culture Chatbot delivers near real-time and highly relevant responses, enhancing the overall user experience of your institution’s online platforms.
  • Multilingual support: break language barriers by offering support in all EU languages, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of your audience and fostering greater engagement with your collections.

To integrate Culture Chatbot into your institution’s online platforms, reach out to project partners or visit the Chatbot website for further information and assistance.



Source: European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform



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