Digital technologies have profoundly changed our personal, professional and educational lives. The ADELE (Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe) project aims to help adult education organisations in the non-formal education sector integrate digital technologies into their activities in order to be digitally ready. More specifically, the project aims to boost the digital readiness of public libraries by equipping them with a tool to reflect on their use of digital technologies.

To do so, the project partners have developed a free, customisable web-based tool that helps adult education organisations reflect on how they use and where they can further integrate digital technologies to improve their services. The ADELE tool is based on the European Commission’s SELFIE tool for schools.

Webinar series

As part of the ADELE project, a series of four webinars was organised on digital skills development in public libraries in Europe to inspire and support the digital empowerment of public libraries:

  • Webinar 1: EU initiatives on Digital Skills – with speakers Michael Horgan (European Commission) and Norman Röhner (ALL DIGITAL)
  • Webinar 2: Digital strategies for public libraries – with speakers Koen Vandendriessche (Cultuurconnect) and Jacob Svaneeng (Berlin Central Library)
  • Webinar 3: Digital skills training activities in public libraries – with speakers Léa Ichikawa (The Digital Collective) and Maja Lesinger (Prelog Municipal Library, Croatia)
  • Webinar 4: How new technologies can be used to engage young people in public libraries – with speakers Jeroen DeBoer (KB, Netherlands) and Thomas Munk Osmundson (Danish Central Libraries and Vejle Bib, DK)

Learning outcomes

Through this webinar series, participants will learn more about:

  • European framework and initiatives for digital skills development
  • Existing formats, techniques and approaches on digital skills training for library users and staff
  • The role of public libraries in organizing activities on digital literacies for younger public

The webinars also provide best practice examples from practitioners, such as:

  • ‘Digital Zebra’: an inclusive digital strategy for public libraries in Berlin
  • The Guerilla Education for Librarians (GEL) project
  • The Virtual Library Ship pilot project

Watch the episodes, or visit the project website to learn more!


The ADELE project is an Erasmus+ funded project which brings together five partner organisations from Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria and Belgium:

  • Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) – Dublin, Ireland
  • Public Libraries 2030 – Brussels, Belgium
  • European Grants International Academy (EgINa) – Foligno, Italy
  • Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information (ICCU) – Rome, Italy
  • Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation – Sofia, Bulgaria



Source : European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform



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