Huawei, AE4RIA, and UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub presented a white paper titled Twin Skills for the Twin Transition: Defining Green Digital Skills and Jobs at COP28, aiming to create training programs for a green digital workforce for net-zero goals. Developed in partnership with the ATHENA Research Centre, Sustainable Development Unit under AE4RIA, PwC, and with input from EIT Digital, the report serves as a guide for creating training programs to prepare a green digital workforce essential for achieving net-zero goals.

Greenness and Digitalization – a new set of Digital Skills

The Twin Transition emphasizes the need for integrating skills and climate policies for green and digital skills, crucial for climate neutrality and job recovery. The report is dedicated to identifying a new set of Green Digital Skills crucial for shaping current and future strategies to skill and upskill individuals within the EU and beyond. It also provides recommendations for the education sector to integrate the proposed taxonomy into curricula to meet industry and labour market demands. The report analyzes EU policy on sustainability and digital, focusing on the ICT and Energy sectors, highlighting the role of policymaking in promoting environmentally friendly business models and skill development.

A novel classification model, utilizing the European Skills and Competences framework (ESCO), is introduced to identify essential Green and Digital Skills and knowledge concepts. The report assesses the “Greenness and Digitalization” level of occupations in the European labour market, spotlighting jobs that require a high share of both green and digital skills. The findings present data-based evidence indicating a significant increase in occupations demanding both green and digital skills over the past decade.

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Source :  European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform


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