The European Commission is launching the consultation process for the Feasibility Study of the European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC). The views of experts and stakeholders will make it possible to analyse needs and design the EDSC that best meets the needs of Europeans across the EU. Have your say by 23 December 2022!

The European Commission and the Joint Research Center (JRC) are exploring the development of a European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC), which will be based on the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp), to allow for an easier certification and recognition of digital skills by governments, employers, and other stakeholders across Europe. The study aims to support the implementation of Action 9 of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 by assessing the feasibility of an EDSC.

As part of the study, the Commission will carry out different consultation activities, including surveys, interviews, and workshops, to gather multiple perspectives on how the EDSC should be shaped according to the needs of different stakeholders.

What are the objectives of the study?

The key objectives of this study are to:

  • map existing digital skills certification schemes in Europe as well as national and regional policies and training offer;
  • analyse the demand for an EDSC and carry out a gap analysis to understand the role and value of an EDSC;
  • explore possible scenarios for its design and implementation;
  • carry out a feasibility analysis of the EDSC considering strategic, technical, financial, governance and implementation aspects; and
  • ultimately design a pilot proposal for an EDSC and develop strategic recommendations for its implementation.

Take part in the EDSC Feasibility Study by registering here! Participation in the consultation process is open to anyone interested. The registration closing date is 23 December 2022.

Once registered, the EDSC will contact both organisations and individuals throughout the course of the study to involve them in the different consultations and validation processes.

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Source : European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

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